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Let's face it...

Lots of affiliate marketers I talk to thought they’d be making more money by now…

And really it’s not their fault. Those so-called “gurus” just love planting fairytales in people’s heads.

They say you can make a boatload of cash without lifting a finger.

That somehow, all your affiliate sales will come to you automagically while you sleep.

I don’t know about your experiences, but the last time money just magically appeared overnight was when the tooth fairy left cash under my pillow.

Vendors aren’t blameless either.

They tell you to join their affiliate programs because the products are sooooo good they’ll just “sell themselves.”

Right.  Because we’ve all seen affiliate offers put on a pair of fancy shoes, march out onto the internet, and sell themselves.

And then there’s the guys who talk about the Easy Button.

You start to get the idea that you can quit your day job, push the Easy Button, and live happily ever after as oodles of money cascades magically into your PayPal account.

It's People Like This That Give The Industry a Bad Name...

I Had Been there too...

I fell for all the false promises, all the scams, all the get rich quick push button systems, and if there was an easy button by now, trust me...

I would have found it!


ENOUGH of the fairytales...

Because now you’re going to learn the TRUTH about affiliate marketing…

Is affiliate marketing is easy as you’ve heard?

Well… If you’ve been listening to the tall tales from gurus and shady vendors, then the answer is no… it’s not quite that easy.

You can’t just print money.

But while it’s not exactly push button easy, it’s not hard either – when you know the secrets for setting up your affiliate marketing business the right way…

And that’s what you’re about to discover inside this video training course, which was created by one of the net’s top affiliates.

You see, you wouldn’t build a house without a strong foundation.

And neither should you build an affiliate business without first snapping some very important pieces into place.

Skip these beginning steps, and your affiliate business will be about as a strong as a house of cards… ready to come toppling down at the first sign of a light breeze.

And trust me, your competitors will be rustling up that breeze every chance they get.

So let’s bullet proof your affiliate marketing business.

Let’s reinforce it from the ground up.

Because once you do, you’ll start enjoying more traffic, a bigger list, and more sales than you ever thought possible.

And you’ll finally start getting some major respect in the niche.

These things and more could be yours when you order this affiliate marketing course today.

This course will open your eyes to the truth about affiliate marketing.

And it will take your business to the next level… enough to worry the crap out of your competitors and make them sweat.

Now is your chance!


You see, I’ve put together an affiliate marketing video-training course that goes beyond the basics of setting up your affiliate business.

What you’re about to discover are the REAL secrets of affiliate marketing.

These are the actual advanced marketing strategies used by two of the net’s top affiliate marketers to bring down six figures a year… simply by promoting other people’s stuff.

These strategies have worked for years for these two super affiliates.

They’ve worked for countless other super affiliates in every niche on the planet.

And you can bet these affiliate strategies will work for you too. 

Prepare to have your eyes opened to what the super affiliates really do to generate commission checks that are so big they’d make Donald Trump blush.

Let me give you a quick overview of what you’ll discover inside these exciting, jam-packed videos…

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 11 Advanced Affiliate Videos + 10 Beginner Affiliate Videos (BONUS)

11 Jam Packed Videos...

Advanced Affiliate Strategies

This powerful affiliate marketing video-training goes beyond the basics of setting up your affiliate business. What you’ll discover are the real 'nobody shares' secrets to success. The advanced marketing strategies used by the net’s top affiliate marketers who are consistently bringing down six and seven figures a year in commissions...

Video 1: Inside the Mind of a Super Affiliate - Every super affiliate on the planet started from zero, just like you. They weren’t born with a huge list of prospects, they didn’t have magical super powers that created traffic, and they didn’t use a pocket watch to hypnotize their prospects and make them buy.  


But there is ONE thing they might have been born with that you don’t yet have… and that’s a unique mindset that gives them the Midas Touch where every affiliate product they promote turns to gold. Now you’ll find out how to harness five powerful mindset factors for yourself that will give you the mind of a super affiliate.

Video 2: The Surprising Truth About What Really Works - There is no one “magic bullet” that will make all your affiliate marketing dreams come true, but there is one thing that comes awfully close… What is it? It’s testing and tracking.  

A lot of affiliates will roll their eyes or discount the idea right now. But if you’re one of those who’s willing to learn, then in this video you’ll find out how the super affiliates keep crushing their competition by tracking, testing and tweaking the most important parts of their campaigns.

Video 3: Recruiting Vendors to Slide Money Into Your Pocket - Another thing this training program reveals to you is five – count ‘em, five – different ways to get vendors to send you traffic and sales. Does it sound like I’m totally smokin’ something? Well I’m not high... Just watch this video and you’ll get these five surprising traffic-generating strategies for yourself!

Video 4: Negotiating to Get Super Affiliate Perks - You don’t need to be a bona-fide super affiliate to get the best perks – you just need to know how to ask for them. And now in this video you’ll discover the seven sweet perks you can get, plus you’ll find out the best way to approach vendors so you’re almost guaranteed to get everything you ask for!

Video 5: The Secret for Overcoming Bad Sales Pages - You run into a product that’s the best thing to hit the market since sliced bread. But the sales letter sucks. It looks like a kindergartner scribbled it out. Here you'll discover four clever tricks for getting high conversions when the vendor gives you a crappy sales letter. This is a sure way to start closing more sales – you’ll love it.

Video 6: How to Put the Magnet in Your Lead Magnet - Most affiliates know they need to lay out an enticing bit of bait on a lead page to capture prospects on their list… but they have no idea how to do it. This video gives you four surefire tips for creating lead magnet pages that attract subscribers almost like magic.

Video 7: How to Keep Your Prospects From Running Off With Your Competitors - Here’s the shocking secret: your prospects just aren’t all that into marketing monogamy. Sure, you want to be the one and only affiliate marketer for all your prospects, but you’re competitors are totally flirting with them. This video will show you how to train your prospects to come to you FIRST whenever something new hits the market.

Video 8: Affiliate Marketing Like a Boss - You know what? Lots of affiliate marketers are pretty clueless about what makes customers take out their wallets. That’s good news for you – because when the majority of your competition has no idea what they’re doing, it’s so much easier for you to swoop in and steal their customers. All you have to do is position yourself a certain way in your market, which will create hordes of fans and followers who hang on your every word.

Video 9: The Real Secret of Generating Big Commission Checks - You see, the super affiliates know that the real key to making a ton of sales is all about the level of engagement they have with prospects. The right level of engagement gets prospects to buy something – even if they don’t want the product or their spouse says no. Now THAT’s power.

Video 10:  Squeezing Every Last Drop Of Value Out of Your Assets - Every day, affiliates all over the web are wasting their biggest assets. They’ve got traffic leaks so big their sites are like sieves. They’re not protecting their reputations and they’re blowing off their partners – the same partners who could turn a fledgling affiliate business into a six-figure powerhouse. Watch this video and you’ll find out how to avoid these mistakes, plus you’ll discover how to leverage your assets to create more traffic, subscribers and cash in the bank.

Video 11: The Secret of Movin’ On Up to the Upper Echelon of Affiliates - You don’t need to settle for an average income. You don’t need to settle for just enough to get by. You can make more. You deserve more. And this final video will help you do it, because you’ll get three more mindset tweaks that will get you thinking – and making money -- like a real super affiliate.

+10 BONUS Jam Packed Videos...

Basic Affiliate Strategies

Let's bulletproof your affiliate marketing business. Let's reinforce it from the ground up. Because once you do, you'll start enjoying more traffic, a bigger list, and more sales than you ever thought possible.

Video 1: The Surprising Truth About Affiliate Marketing - This is important, because affiliates who don’t know the whole truth struggle with their business and suffer with small commission checks. But once you know how to think like a super affiliate, you’ll be able to take your business to the next level. Plus you’ll find out what kinds of niches make the very best targets... and for one very surprising reason.

Video 2: How to Uncover the Hottest Markets Around - The easiest money you’ll make as an affiliate marketer is when you put offers right under the noses of people who are already buying stuff like crazy. You’ll find out how to uncover these markets – you’ll even get a really slick strategy for discovering niches you never knew existed!

Video 3: How to Find a Golden Needle in an Affiliate Marketing Haystack - Once you start doing your research, you’ll quickly discover there are tons of products for you to promote. But if you pick the wrong one, you’ll get your reputation dragged down faster than a feather tied to a bowling ball. Don’t settle for small commissions and products that won’t sell – this video will show you how to pick the right products for maximum profits!

Video 4: Hooking the Hungry Fish With Juicy Bait - Listen up, everyone and their uncle is trying to get their hooks into your prospects. So you need to get these prospects on your mailing list fast before your competitors beat you to it – and that’s why this course shows you how to bait your prospects with an irresistible free offer. You’ll love seeing the huge number of new subscribers joining your list every day.

Video 5: The Nuts and Bolts of Assembling Your Lead Magnet Page - If you’ve never put together a lead page before, don’t worry – it’s easier than assembling Ikea furniture, and you won’t have any spare parts left over. That’s because you’ll discover the absolute quickest way to get a professional, high-converting page up and running fast.

Video 6: What the Top Affiliates Do Differently With Their Blogs Almost every affiliate has a blog – but a huge number of these affiliates are completely clueless about how to turn a blog into their #1 sales tool. That’s what you’ll find out inside this video. First you’ll get a quick and easy way to set up a blog. Then you’ll discover what the super affiliates do differently with their blogs that makes them uber profitable… including one super-clever trick taken straight from Publisher’s Clearing House. This secret will blow you away

Video 7: How the Super Affiliates Make More Sales Than Everyone Else - You’ll want to pay attention to every second of this video. You’ll find out the #1 secret that separates the super affiliates from the super broke affiliates… this may surprise you, and it’s the one thing that will make your affiliate business pay you like a broken slot machine!

Video 8: The Secrets of the Ugly Guys Who Date Super Models - You know what we're talking about here. Ever seen an ugly guy with an extremely beautiful woman and wondered how that happened? We’ll tell you what happened – the guy has a mesmerizing way with words. Just like politicians do. Just like teenagers do when they’re trying to borrow the car from mom and dad. And just like you will by the time you’re finished with this video. You’ll get a crash course in how to get inside your prospects’ head so you can say the right words that get them scrambling to the order button.

Video 9: An Astonishing Way to Get Vendors to Send Traffic to You - This is pretty amazing if you think about it. Typically, your job as an affiliate is to whip up some targeted traffic and send it to the vendor’s sales page. But smart affiliates know a trick for turning this model on its head. You’ll find out how to get vendors to promote your site, send you traffic, and generate sales for you. It’s crazy!

Video 10: How to Get More Eyeballs in Front of Your Affiliate Offers - Here you’ll find three of the top ways to attract cash-in-hand prospects to your website. Once you get these leads on your list and warm them up, then you can send them to your affiliate offers so you can start pocketing those big commission checks. 


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