17 Proven Ways To Add Value
To An Affiliate Offer

Affiliate Marketing is a highly compeitive industry. Discover 17 ways to add value to your offer and get the sale.

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17 Ways To Add Value To An Affiliate Offer...

As an affiliate, you’re always going to have a lot of competition.  

Not only are you competing with others who are selling similar products, but there may be dozens, hundreds or even thousands of serious affiliates who are selling the EXACT same product as you are.
How do you beat your competition? By adding value to any affiliate offer you promote.  

This means providing some sort of a bonus – a freebie – to anyone who buys an offer through your affiliate link. 

Here are 17 ways to do exactly that…


" I can't believe how simple these value adds really are. I've been earning an income online from home for 8 years now and when you've been around that long, it's rare you see something that isn't rehashed. I took a chance to check out these value adds and all i have to say is i can't believe i didn't pay for this amazing value. It's amazing how simple little changes like this can have such big effects "

- Jean J, New York